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The "Circle of Trust"

What is the Full Circle Realty "Circle of Trust"? At Full Circle Realty one of our core competencies is providing a support network of real estate professionals for all of our clients. A typical real estate transaction encompasses many specialty fields such as loan officers and attorneys, which makes it difficult to choose the right professional to represent your interests. Our Circle of Trust is a core group of trusted professionals who we have extensively interviewed and worked with in the past, to ensure they provide the best service possible. Below are just a few fields that our Full Circle Network covers, and the services they provide. We typically only work with 2-3 professionals per field, that way each client can select between multiple candidates, but the network is small enough to maintain trusted, close knit relationships with each professional. We do not receive any compensation for any type of referral; our sole goal is to provide our clients with the best service possible!

1. Mortgage Loan Officers: We partner with a select few loan officers who have a proven track record of absolute honesty, the best mortgage rates, and the flexibility to make sure a mortgage is secured for the client. These professionals provide home mortgages and will work with our clients before an offer is ever made to ensure they are able to secure the appropriate mortgage to purchase the property of their dreams. Furthermore, they offer innovative loan products to make offers more appealing in competitive real estate markets.

2. Real Estate Attorneys: Real estate attorneys represent both home buyers and sellers with the detailed contractual paperwork necessary to complete a real estate transaction. Full Circle Realty only works with the most reputable and experienced attorneys to ensure your interests are protected in all phases of the transaction process, period!

3. Homeowner's Insurance Brokers: Whether renting or buying, a critical component of protecting your interests is to insure your property through a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. Our network of insurance providers are able to offer the most competitive rates, while providing personalized service so you have a provider you can trust when you need it the most.

4. Home Inspectors: At Full Circle Realty we partner with only the most detail oriented and experienced home inspectors available. One of the company founders, Chris Mehr, has a civil engineering background and ensures the professionals we work with truly understand their field. Our network of home inspectors provide a professional assessment of the property condition before you purchase the home, ensuring you are aware of any potential defects or issues before you make a purchase.

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