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About Full Circle Realty

Selling a Home

Our team follows a “5 Step Seller Success Plan” to ensure seller clients meet all their goals.


We start with an in-depth approach to the valuation of your home. No one knows your home like you, and no one knows MA and RI real estate like us. Our initial seller consultation includes a full walkthrough of your home, viewing the home through not only the eyes of potential buyers in the market, but also to identify your home’s strengths and challenges so that we may develop a cooperative and strategic plan to sell it fast and for the most money. By the end of our meeting, you will have a strong grasp of how much your home is worth, either subject to proper staging, landscaping, and home repairs or in its current condition “as-is.” You will also understand the local market and the price segment your property occupies. You will have a firm understanding of how long it will take for your property to sell—we call this “exposure time”—and also an understanding of your estimated net proceeds at the closing, dependent upon the selected pricing and preparation options.


Homes that are staged sell approximately 5 percent higher than homes that are not, according to a study completed by the National Association of Realtors. To ensure your home’s interior shows in its best condition and appearance, we recommend our preferred home staging partners, or at the very least following our “do-it-yourself” best practices. How we present your home to the market is critical, and many times the arrangement of furniture, removal of personal belongings and affects, paint color selection, and even the atmosphere in the home can impact the home sale. It only takes one buyer to purchase your home, however, so to return the best value, we should market to the largest pool of buyers by making the home as appealing as possible. While many home sellers solely focus on staging the interior of the home, we should never underestimate the effectiveness of “curb appeal.” As a buyer approaches the home for the first time, the exterior of the home is their first impression. We want to ensure that their experience is not affected by an unsightly “to-do list” of exterior repairs. Fresh mulch, bright flowers, a trimmed lawn, and popular paint selections all augment the experience of the showing and increase the probability of a buyer falling in love with your home and offering top dollar.


When you select Full Circle Realty to sell your home, it comes with a commitment from our entire team. While many agents work as solo practitioners or hide behind a brokerage’s name brand, we take a completely different approach. When listing your home, we always utilize a peer review process where one of our cofounders will review the listing strategy and paperwork and advise on the contract negotiation. Ultimately, our diverse backgrounds and experiences form a strong TEAM to sell your home, where you will receive custom support from all our professionals.


We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with some of the best real estate photographers in MA and RI. HDR photography makes your home look sharp and provides a high-resolution presentation of your listing. Drone photography shows off your home’s location and setting—perhaps you have a pool, a significant amount of acreage, a setting with a city view, or direct water frontage. In homes where existing furniture is limited or there is an ongoing renovation, we can opt for a digital staging to highlight for buyers what the home could look like. 3D-virtual tours utilizing Matterport technology are more important than ever before. Busy home buyers, relocating executives, and detail-oriented individuals focus on interactive tours of houses in order to make quicker decisions, having previewed your home through our cutting-edge approach.


Selling a home is not a passive endeavor. Many agents will propose to place a sign in your yard, put a 

lockbox on the door, or talk about placing your home on the MLS or a few real estate portals such as Zillow, Trulia, or The problem is, those are basic options that do not actively seek interested buyers, and after 30 days their approach quickly turns into “let’s drop the price.” Marketing and negotiations are our specialty; after all, you are hiring a sales team. Our team would be happy to share our targeted online ad approach, our reverse prospecting techniques, local market monitoring, and many more of our outbound sales techniques. Whether it’s networking with local agents, hosting an open house, presenting your listing on social media both locally or globally, our team does it at a high level with proven results.


Buying a home, just like selling a home, is a much easier endeavor with the right preparation. While we certainly work with clients who are on a tight timeline, starting a conversation with our team well in advance of your anticipated move date will increase your chances to receive an accepted offer, especially in competitive markets. 


Give Full Circle Realty Group a call today to learn more about everything we can do to make buying or selling real estate easier than ever before! 

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