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Behind the Scenes on Real Estate Reality TV

Ever wonder what it would be like to star on reality TV? Recently, A&E’s Tiny House Hunting crew reached out to our Full Circle Realty team to do just that! Their crew was focusing on unique properties under 600 square feet in the Boston area and needed a real estate property expert to feature some great places. With the opportunity to be on national TV and star in the only Boston based episode, how could we say no?

At the same time, we had recently started working with a young couple, Angela and Anthony who were looking to purchase their first home in Boston. They wanted to live in the heart of the city but were still on a tight budget. Angela, a roller derby champion (yes, roller derby!) wanted a space that was modern and updated while Anthony, a Captain in the United States Air Force, wanted a “comfortable and homey” feel. With a budget of $400K it was up to our Full Circle Realty team to find a property that met both of their criteria.

Anthony and Angela ended up being the perfect fit to star on Tiny House Hunting with our team as we toured properties all throughout the Boston area. The production crew stressed to be ourselves and allow our natural reactions to take over, and avoid looking directly into the camera! Believe it or not the 30-minute show took over 3 days of filming!

Overall, it was a once in a lifetime experience and great for our firm to get national recognition for our work. People now stop me on the street for pictures and ask, “aren’t you the Real-Estate Guy from TV”? Actually, that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it will soon. Check out the full episode in the link below to see to see the great home Anthony and Angela ended up with!

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